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​Near-Earth Space

Julia Tarabarina. ​Near-Earth Space

The new terminal of the Leonov Airport in Kemerovo was built in record-breaking time, despite the pandemic. It became one of the important factors for the rapid development of the city, visually reflecting its dedication to the first spacewalk, both in the interiors and on the facades. Its main features are the starry sky effect and overall openness.
​The Childhood Territory

Alla Pavlikova. ​The Childhood Territory

The project of the educational complex within the second stage of Spanish Quarters was developed by ASADOV Architects. The project is all about creating a friendly and transparent environment that in itself educates and forms the personality of a child.
​Walking on Water

Alla Pavlikova. ​Walking on Water

In the nearest future, the Marc Chagall Embankment will be turned into Moscows largest riverside park with green promenades, cycling and jogging trails, a spa center on water, a water garden, and sculptural pavilions designed in the spirit of the Russian avant-garde artists of the 1920, and, first of all, Chagall himself. In this issue, we are covering the second-stage project.
The Faraday Cage

Alla Pavlikova. The Faraday Cage

The project of the boutique apartment complex in the 1st Truzhenikov Lane is the architects attempt to squeeze a considerable volume into a tiny spot of land, at the same time making it look graceful and respectable. What came to their rescue was metal, stone, and curvilinear glass.
​Part of the Whole

Alla Pavlikova. ​Part of the Whole

On June 5, the winners of Moscow Architectural Award were announced. The winners list includes the project of a school in Troitsk for 2,100 students, with its own astronomy dome, IT testing ground, museum, and a greenhouse on the roof.
​Stairway to Heaven

Alla Pavlikova. ​Stairway to Heaven

The project of a hotel in the settlement of Yantarny is an example of a new recreational complex typology, and a new format that unites the hotel, the business, and the cultural functions. All of this is complemented by 100% integration with nature.
​The Outer Space

Alla Pavlikova. ​The Outer Space

Honoring the 300th anniversary of the Kuznetsk coal fields in 2021, a new passenger terminal of the Aleksey Leonov Airport in the city of Kemerovo will be built, designed by GK Spectrum and ASADOV Architectural Bureau.
​Big Little Victory

​Big Little Victory

In a small-sized school located in Domodedovo in Moscow metropolitan area, ASADOV_ architects did a skillful job of tackling the constraints presented by the modest budget and strict spatial limitations they designed sunlit classrooms, comfortable lounges, and even a multi-height atrium with an amphitheater, which became the center of school life.
​Heaven Gets Closer

Lara Kopylova. ​Heaven Gets Closer

In their Sportpark project in Moscows Tushino, ASADOV architects joined together swimming pools, a skating rink, gyms, and tennis courts under a single sky of a giant pergola made from glued wooden structures, creating a convincing image of eco architecture.
​An Outgoing Introvert

Lara Kopylova. ​An Outgoing Introvert

Designing and building in Moscow areas Lyublino a fitness club called La Salute (which translates as health from the Italian), ASADOV architects did make the life of this area healthier by bringing designer architecture and new useful functions into the standard environment. The dramatic tectonics of the building empathize its sporty intentions.

Partner Architects of

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  • Nikolay Pereslegin
  • Sergey Oreshkin
  • Julia  Tryaskina
  • Andy Snow
  • Vera Butko
  • Nikita Tokarev
  • Natalia Shilova
  • Natalia Sidorova
  • Vladimir Plotkin
  •  Valery  Lukomsky
  • Sergey Pereslegin
  • Andrey Gnezdilov
  • Ekaterina Kuznetsova
  • Evgeny Gerasimov
  • Nikita Yavein
  • Tatiana Zulkharneeva
  • Vassily Krapivin
  • Ilya Utkin
  • Vsevolod Medvedev
  • Zurab Bassaria
  • Mikhail Kanunnikov
  • Roman Leonidov
  • Karen  Saprichyan
  • Rostislav Zaiser
  • Sergey Skuratov
  • Anatoly Stolyarchuk
  • Polina Voevodina
  • Daniel  Lorenz
  • Sergey Kouznetsov
  • Konstantin Khodnev
  • Anton Nadtochiy
  • Georgy Trofimov
  • Andrey Asadov
  • Nikolai  Milovidov
  • Pavel Andreev
  • Alexandra Kuzmina
  • Alexander Asadov
  • Levon Ayrapetov
  • Stanislav Belykh
  • Vladimir Kovalev
  • Alexsey Ginzburg
  • Yuliy Borisov
  • Alexandr Samarin
  • Katerina Gren
  • Oleg Medinsky
  • Sergey  Trukhanov
  • Ilia Mashkov
  • Sergei Tchoban
  • Igor  Shvartsman
  • Alexander Skokan
  • Valeria Preobrazhenskaya

Buildings and Projects: New Additions

  • Naberezhnaya Evropy, St. Petersburg
  • Pavilion for Chacha Ceremonies
  • Vander Park residential complex
  • Danilovskaya Manufactory
  • “Replacement” Project
  • Residential complex
  • “Olympic Hall”Business Center
  • Residential complex
  • Residential complex ′Andersen′