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Reconstruction of the restaurant of the Central House of Writers
Dmitry Likin, Oleg Shapiro, 2014

Reconstruction of the restaurant of the Central House of Writers

Russia, Moscow
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Elena Petukhova. World of Joy

The second stage of the Urban Farm at VDNKH gave the local landscape and architectural ensemble several buildings that demonstrate an interesting associative approach to creating thematic pavilions.

Elena Petukhova, , Julia Tarabarina. Y-Generation Culture Center

The architects of Wowhaus have finished the construction of the Innovation and Culture Center in the city of Kaluga. In spite of the fact that in the course of the design process the functional program of the building kept changing as fast as innovations grow obsolete these days, the architects were still able to cope with the situation turning the project into a closely-knit hub of various cultural and sports scenarios with a flexible set of features.

​Jurassic Polytechnic Park

Lots of bridges, an amphitheater, and relaying of secret engineering lines: a story about how the architects of Wowhaus revised the concept of organizing the territory of the Polytechnic Museum proposed in 2011 by Junya Ishigami.

Shakespeare's Shelter

An interview with the winner of "Home for Shakespeare" contest, an architect of Wowhaus, Esbergen Sabitov, and the company leader Oleg Shapiro about how a tower became a home for the famous playwright.

Julia Tarabarina. Anna Ishchenko: "We must offer our customers the projects that answer the requirements of today".

An interview with the director of Wowhaus - about the specifics of her work in the architectural company, about new market trends, and about how one must react to them, as well as about new projects and internship.
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Partner Architects of

  • Sergey Skuratov
  • Nikita Yavein
  • Nikolai  Milovidov
  • Anton Nadtochiy
  • Alexander Skokan
  • Konstantin Khodnev
  • Sergey  Trukhanov
  • Nikita Tokarev
  • Evgeny Gerasimov
  • Pavel Andreev
  • Andrey Asadov
  • Sergey Kouznetsov
  • Georgy Trofimov
  • Totan Kuzembaev
  • Sergei Tchoban
  • Sergey Oreshkin
  • Dmitry Likin
  • Natalia Sidorova
  • Ilya Utkin
  • Vladimir Kovalev
  • Serey Pereslegin
  • Alexander Asadov
  • Vladimir Plotkin
  • Oleg Shapiro
  • Nikolay Pereslegin
  • Yuri Vissarionov
  • Polina Voevodina
  • Aleksey Ivanov
  • Julia  Tryaskina
  • Arseny Leonovich
  • Daniel  Lorenz
  • Vladimir  Bindeman
  • Alexander Brovkin
  • Yuliy Borisov
  • Roman Leonidov
  • Vera Butko
  • Karen  Saprichyan
  • Oleg Karlson
  • Andrey Romanov
  • Ekaterina Gren
  • Ekaterina Kuznetsova

Buildings and Projects: New Additions

  • Danilovskaya Manufactory
  • Atomsphera office complex (reconstruction)
  • Apartment building on Staroalekseevskaya street
  • “Replacement” Project
  • Residential complex
  • Residential complex “Dutch Quarter”
  • Gorkhovskiy′12
  • “Olympic Hall”Business Center
  • Mixed-use retail and business centre on Golovinskoe highway