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Harry Seidler LifeWork
Harry Seidler LifeWork
Harry Seidler LifeWork.
New York, 2014
выходные данные
300 pages
A comprehensive survey of the work of a master of mid- to late-twentieth-century modernist design. Over the course of a career spanning more than five decades, Australian architect Harry Seidler embarked upon a long series of dramatically innovative and sculptural houses with a rare sensitivity to site, space, and structure. And while these soaring, inspiring houses have been the source of Seidler's fame within architectural circles, this book gives a complete view of this modern master's body of work for the first time. Seidler is now widely acknowledged as a leading member of the postwar generation of modernists and one of the most influential architects of the twentieth century in the southern hemisphere. With commissions not only in Australia but also in Austria, France, Israel, Italy, Mexico, and Hong Kong since establishing his own practice in Sydney in 1948, his work has influenced the course of modernist design into the twenty-first century.
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Нина Фролова. Современность без компромиссов, 14.07.2014
Анна Сансиева. Австралийский модернизм, 19.03.2014
23.12.2013 – Австралия: модернизм Сайдлера

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