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Лекция Владимира Белоголовского «Гарри Сайдлер. Искусство сотрудничества»

лекция история архитектуры Наследие
  дата: 13.03.2012
  страна: Австралия
  город: Сидней
  место: University of New South Wales
  контакты: info@curatorialproject.com
  ссылки: www.curatorialproject.com
  архитекторы: Гарри Сайдлер
  HARRY SEIDLER: The Art of Collaboration
связанные события:

Лекция Владимира Белоголовского «Гарри Сайдлер. Искусство сотрудничества»
  05.03.2012 - 29.03.2012

Серия лекций Владимира Белоголовского «Гарри Сайдлер. Искусство сотрудничества»

С материалом лекции можно ознакомиться на сайте www.curatorialproject.com

The Art of Collaboration
Vladimir Belogolovsky

Harry Seidler:The Art of Collaboration illustrated lecture traces the life and work of Sydney architect Harry Seidler(1923-2006), his key role in bringing Modernism and Bauhaus principles to Australia, identifies his distinctive architectural style,and reveals long-lasting collaborations with leading creative figures of the 20th century, including with architectsMarcel Breuer and Oscar Niemeyer;artists Josef Albers, Alexander Calder, Norman Carlberg, Charles Perry, and Frank Stella; engineer Pier Luigi Nervi, photographerMax Dupain, and developerGerardusDusseldorp. In almost sixty years, Seidler hasrealizedover 160of his designs—from houses to mixed-use multi-story towers and prominent government commissions—all over Australia, as well as in Austria, France, Israel, Italy, Mexico, and Hong Kong.Apart from the architect's creative achievements, the lecture will focus on Seidler's life, a fascinating journey from his motherland of Austria to England, Canada, the United States, Brazil, and finally, to Australia, where he settled in 1948, eventually becoming the country's most accomplished architect. The following key projects will be discussed:Rose Seidler House (1950), the architect'shouse (1967),Australia Square Tower (1967) – all in Sydney; Edmund Barton Building (1974) in Canberra,Embassy of Australia (1977) in Paris, Hong Kong Club (1984) in Hong Kong, Shell Headquarters (1989) in Melbourne, and residential complex WohnparkNeueDonau (1998) in Seidler's native Vienna.

Vladimir Belogolovsky, founder of the New York-based Intercontinental Curatorial Project, organizes, curates, and designs architectural exhibitions worldwide. Trained as an architect at Cooper Union, he is the American correspondent for the Russian architectural journalTATLIN and has authored several books, including Felix Novikov,Green House, and Soviet Modernism: 1955-1985. His exhibitions include:Chess Game at the Russian Pavilion at the 11th Architecture Venice Biennale (2008), a retrospective of architect ÁngelFernández Alba at the Royal Botanical Gardens (Madrid, 2009),GreenHouse(Moscow, 2009), and American Institute of Architects Today (Moscow, 2010). He is currently working on a book, Harry Seidler (Massimo Vignelli and Rizzoli, 2014) with foreword by Kenneth Frampton, introduction by Chris Abel, and tribute by Norman Foster. Heis curating a Harry Seidler traveling exhibition to go to Tallinn, Riga, Paris, Houston, North Carolina, Washington DC, and Sydney from 2012 to 2014.

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