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Conversations with Architects: In the Age of Celebrity
Conversations with Architects: In the Age of Celebrity
Vladimir Belogolovsky
Conversations with Architects: In the Age of Celebrity.
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DOM Publishers
3869222999, 978-3869222998
Editorial Reviews


“Curator Vladimir Belogolovsky conducts in-depth interviews with two prestigious historians, Charles Jencks and Kenneth Frampton, to make them voice their opinions on the stardom phenomenon, and thirty ‘famous’ architects, some on the rise and others veterans, to have them explain their work or life path. The result is an exciting kaleidoscope.” --Eduardo Prieto, Arquitectura Viva, Madrid

“The interviews are a delight to read, thanks to Belogolovsky's probing questions and his curiosity as to an architect's motives. The best conversations are the long ones where the architects are open and when the two are able to delve further into specific projects or ways of thinking.” --John Hill, A Daily Dose of Architecture, New York

“With an intensely personal series of interviews done over the last thirteen years, Vladimir Belogolovsky guides us through the architectural firmament. Himself an architect and well-known international curator, Belogolovsky describes and delineates the charisma, connections and creations of thirty of the black-clad clan, who all come across as pants-one-leg-at-a-time real people. Admire their buildings or not, you will definitely love this insightful book, a Canterbury Tales for 21st century urbanists.” --Rick Bell

“Vladimir Belogolovsky’s ‘Conversations with Architects’ is, amongst other things, a solid proof that one- on-one interviews are the only way to really expose the complexity of thinking that typifies architects. News conferences, press releases, Facebook, magazine profiles, and so on have made architects both far more famous and far less understood. In this book, Belogolovsky challenges his subjects to cut through the fog of professional jargon. They share their intentions with clarity, frankness, and wit.” --Terence Riley

“In this complete compendium of master builders, Belogolovsky gives us a fascinating tour of the men and a few women behind some of the best buildings constructed around the world in the last few decades and shows us what they think they are doing, what they look at, and how they would like us to see them.” --Aaron Betsky

“What excellent company! What great conversations! What terrific insights into the druidism of our profession! My only regret is that I am not in this book!“ --Michael Sorkin

“A good interview requires an interlocutor who has researched his subject but manifests a lively curiosity to discover more... Vladimir Belogolovsky seems to have mastered it, for he draws enlightening responses from 30 widely varied practitioners in Conversations with Architects in the Age of Celebrity. The interviews range over a decade and almost all sound fresh―as though these architects were talking about themselves and their work for the first time.” --Michael Webb, Form Magazine, Stockholm

About the Author

Vladimir Belogolovsky, born 1970, is the founder of New York-based Intercontinental Curatorial Project, which focuses on organizing, curating, and designing architectural exhibitions worldwide. Trained as an architect at The Cooper Union School for Architecture in New York, he has published over 200 articles and is the author of titles such as Green House, Soviet Modernism: 1955 – 1985, and Felix Novikov. Architect of the Soviet Modernism (DOM publishers, 2013).

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