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House bibliography
House bibliography
Yeva Sargsyan
House bibliography.
London, 2015
The House Bibliography presents 2443 selected references from the professional and general public architecture literature. References are classified according to the following 23 classifications:

1 – Architect designed houses
2 – Contemporary Houses: Coffee table/pictorial books
3 – Contemporary houses by Region and country
4 – Prefabricated, manufactured and mobile houses
5 – Temporary and emergency houses
6 – Extreme and experimental houses
7 – DIY and cheap houses
8 – Ecological and sustainable houses
9 – Earthship, earth covered and underground houses
10 – House renovation and conversion: DIY guides and professional books
11 – Heating and ventilation of houses: sustainable approaches
12 – Urban Houses
13 – Vacation houses and retreats
14 – Country, suburban houses and villas
15 – Waterside houses
16 – Mountain, hillside houses and chalets
17 – Tree houses
18 – Small houses
19 – Ranch Houses
20 – Cottages
21 – Bungalows
22 – Social and psychological aspects of house architecture
23 – Bibliographies on house architecture

This bibliography is the first to appear on the above subjects since the eighties or earlier depending on subject matter.

About the author: Yeva Sargsyan is a M.A. graduate from The Bartlett School of Architecture (University College London). She is a theorist, critic and journalist of architecture writing extensively on subjects such as heritage and identity, tradition and modernization, contemporary sacred architecture, etc. Her other areas of interest include architectural semiotics and architectural morphology.

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