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Making the Most of Small Spaces
Making the Most of Small Spaces
Stephen Crafti
Making the Most of Small Spaces.
выходные данные
Издательство: Images Publishing Group
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 176
With a move to smaller and more flexible living spaces, architects and designers are pushing the parameters of available space. For example, in a bed-sit the lounge might become the bedroom at night, with the kitchen taking shape only when the need arises. This book visits a number of extraordinary homes, from apartments to townhouses. It is testament to the fact that what small spaces may lack in size, they certainly make up for through creative design ideas. It features everything from lofts nestled into warehouse spaces to townhouses hidden in laneways and the localities are often as intriguing as the spaces themselves. Text by Stephen Crafti, a well-known freelance writer who has been published extensively in magazines and newspapers both locally and internationally.

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