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Preserving History in a City. Лекция на английском языке

лекция сохранение наследия Наследие
  дата: 27.11.2006 18.00
  город: Москва
  контакты: NIKOLOYAMSKAYA 1 • 109189 MOSCOW, RUSSIA • TELEPHONE 777 65 30 • FAX 777 65 34 • E-MAIL [email protected]
  ссылки: О лекции на сайте Американского центра в Москве
Сайт Национального треста охраны исторического наследия www.nationaltrust.org
Сайт Heritage Strategies International (RHI)

Preserving History in a City
Paul W. Edmond and Donovan Rypkema

Paul W. Edmondson is Vice President & General Counsel to the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Mr. Edmondson has worked at the National Trust for Historic Preservation for about 20 years. As a member of its management committee he was involved in its full range of programs, he spoke on a variety of issues relating to historic preservation policy and practice. Several years ago Mr. Edmondson took part in a USIA-sponsored speaker program relating to the establishment of a National Trust in South Africa, participating in a conference on heritage conservation in Cape Town, followed by a speaker tour to several cities in South Africa.  For more information: www.nationaltrust.org

Donovan Rypkema is President of Heritage Strategies International. Mr. Rypkema is an international consultant in the area of heritage preservation economics, with a strong emphasis on linking historical preservation and community revitalization strategies. Mr. Rypkema has provided technical support to a number of government and business leaders on heritage preservation strategies and was a keynote plenary speaker to the international conference on National Trusts in Washington in October 2005. For more information: www.hs-intl.com

* The lecture will be in English


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