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ArchiVision. 10 лет Музею архитектурного рисунка

выставка Архитектурная графика
  дата: 02.06.2023 - 02.09.2023
  страна: Германия
  город: Берлин
  место: Tchoban Foundation. Museum for Architectural Drawing
Christinenstraße 18a, 10119 Berlin
  организатор: Фонд Сергея Чобана. Музей архитектурного рисунка
  ArchiVision. 10th Anniversary of the Museum for Architectural Drawing
  Выставка в честь 10-летия музея посвящена его коллекционной деятельности и представляет архитектурные рисунки из его собственных фондов. Около 120 работ из коллекций Tchoban Foundation и его основателя Сергея Чобана продемонстрируют неограниченные художественные возможности архитектурной графики.
Яков Чернихов. Архитектурная фантазия: Электростанция. 1920-е – начало 1930-х гг.
Яков Чернихов. Архитектурная фантазия: Электростанция. 1920-е – начало 1930-х гг.
Коллекция Сергея Чобана
The Museum for Architectural Drawings opened in June 2013 on the site of the Pfefferberg in Berlin-Mitte. To mark the museum’s 10th anniversary, an exhibition now focuses on its collecting activities and presents architectural drawings from its own holdings under the title ArchiVision. Around 120 works from the collections of the Tchoban Foundation and its founder Sergei Tchoban will convey to the public the seemingly unlimited artistic possibilities of architectural representation.

Architecture on paper holds its own independent position within the graphic arts, regardless whether it is in the service of realised or unrealised buildings. Based on this concept, the exhibition arranges the displayed works in five cross-period thematic areas, each of which is assigned a specific question. First of all, the exhibition concentrates on the sketch, with the help of which architects fix their first thoughts on paper. The effect of a sketch depends on the chosen drawing technique, for it is here that the artist’s “handwriting” most closely expresses his personality. On display are sketches by Ferdinando Galli-Bibiena, Pietro di Gottardo Gonzaga, Hans Poelzig and Ben van Berkel.

The second section focuses on towers and skyscrapers as significant expressions of visionary architectural design. Works by Louis-Jean Desprez, Jean Laurent Legeay, Hugh Ferris, Thomas W. Schaller and Gottfried Müller reflect the diverse effects of the high-rise building.

Another special feature of architectural drawing is that it can simulate reality.

The third part of the exhibition therefore presents representations of urban and residential worlds, including the phenomenon of veduta. Here perspective and its effective moments come into play, which is particularly clearly illustrated in works by Hubert Robert, Peter Cook, Zaha Hadid, Peter Wilson, Zvi Hecker and Moon Hoon.

The fourth group is dedicated to architectural utopias on paper. The issue here is not realisation, but the representational intentions of the designers. Ennemond Alexandre Petitot, Yakov Chernikhov, Daniel Libeskind and Alexander Brodsky, all engaged in this imaginative form of construction.

The last part of the exhibition highlights the grand ideas that architectural artists used drawings to present, which is summarised by the term „world theatre“. Here the viewer will find both designs intended for realisation, such as those by Jean-François Thomas de Thomon, Haus-Rucker-Co and Mikkel Frost, and pure fantasies, as in works by Charles Louis Clérrisseau and Paul Decker the Elder. This genre also includes designs for Baroque festive architecture (for example, by Carlo Marchionni) and above all stage sets by perspective artists such as Pietro di Gottardo Gonzaga, Karl Blechen, Paolo Martellotti and Ezio Frigerio. Drawings by Alexander Rodchenko and Kirill Chelushkin, and with them the question about the limits of the representability of architecture, bring the exhibition to its close.

This 10th anniversary exhibition of the Museum of Architectural Drawing offers the visitor a panorama of everything that architectural drawing can be, ranging from sketches to construction and presentation drawings to pure fantasy that finds its finale in the intangibility of abstract form.

The exhibition is curated by Dr Eva-Maria Barkhofen, an architectural historian and officially appointed expert for architecture-related art.

A catalogue will be published to accompany the exhibition.


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