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BLT: премия в области архитектуры

премия международный открытый Архитектура
  dead-line подачи заявки: 19.09.2021
  дата объявления победителей: 19.12.2021
  дата награждения победителей: 19.12.2021
  страна: Международная
  регистрационный взнос: да
  сумма: от $80
  организатор: BLT Built Design Awards, Farmani Group
  ссылки: Официальный сайт конкурса
  BLT Built Design Awards
  Премия оценивает лучшие архитектурные проекты в 22 категориях. Отдельно вручается награда для студентов. Награда для победителей – широкое освещение в СМИ и создание профиля в онлайн-каталоге архитектуры BLT.
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Architecture is a translation and an execution by a creative mind shaped by the times, beliefs, and education while taking into context its occupants’ lifestyle and preferences. This means an architect should strike the right balance between creative expression and functionality.

The importance of architecture can be hardly defined in just one go as its effect on our lives is a causal sequence. As the mother of all arts, its impact on our lives is arguably is immeasurable.

Through BLT Built Design Awards – Architecture, we recognize the undeniable impact of architecture in our daily lives.  With 22 categories from small Architecture to Landscape Design, from Skyscraper to Sustainable & Energy Saving Building; the award gives credit to the major contributions of passionate architects and invites all entries across the globe

Architectural Design of the Year: Professional
Emerging Architect of the Year: Student

The Architectural Design of the Year are aesthetically impressive projects and show evidence that today’s challenges are taken into consideration from the demands of growing populations, at a sustainable ecosystem for smart cities, rapid urbanization, and unprecedented climate crises.

Students and young designers are also encouraged to apply, for a chance to be awarded the title of Emerging Architect of the Year. This prize is awarded to the student who has demonstrated devotion and a new vision for Architecture.

The Architectural Design of the Year and Emerging Architect of the Year winning projects will be showcased to the global audience, be featured in the BLT book, including winners interviews as well as receiving the BLT Built Design Awards Trophy and enjoy extensive publicity throughout the year, in additions to:
  • Inclusion in the winning media campaign targeting industry professionals and potential clients worldwide
  • Feature in the BLT newsletter to 100,000 design professionals, leading Architectural and Interior Design firms
  • All year round profile in the online BLT architecture directory, making it easier for clients to contact your company
  • Winner Certificates – self-printed
  • Winner Seal to promote your winning online added to your professional signature and in printed material.


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