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CTBUH 2017. Международная конференция Совета по высотным зданиям и городской среде

конференция Архитектура
  дата: 30.10.2017 - 03.11.2017
  страна: Австралия
  город: Сидней
  место: Hyatt Regency Sydney
  организатор: Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat - CTBUH
  ссылки: Официальный сайт конференции
  Sydney CTBUH 2017 International Conference
  В этом году на конференции будет обсуждаться роль небоскребов в современных густонаселенных мегаполисах. Дискуссия охватит различные сферы: от городского планирования – до развития недвижимости, от архитектурного проектирования – до управления стоимостью строительства. Мероприятия в рамках конференции пройдут в Сиднее, Мельбурне и Брисбене.
Источник: ctbuh.org
Источник: ctbuh.org
связанные события:
17.07.2017 - 24.07.2017

CTBUH 2017 международный студенческий конкурс

CTBUH 2017 - студенческий конкурс исследовательских проектов
16.09.2014 - 19.09.2014

CTBUH 2014. Международный конгресс Совета по высотным зданиям и городской среде
19.09.2012 - 21.09.2012
круглый стол

9-й международный конгресс Совета по высотным зданиям и городской среде (CTBUH)
The CTBUH 2017 Conference will be inquiring far beyond the tall building as icon, to debate a new set of guidelines and responsibilities toward skyscrapers becoming “connectors” in the city. The discussion will embrace every discipline, from urban planning to cost consulting, architectural design to vertical transportation, real estate development to curtain wall design. There is no better place for this discussion than Sydney; a city with a 230-year history in urban development that finds itself at the nexus of much of the current debate about cities: density vs. suburbanization; modernity vs. historical preservation; infrastructure vs. urban life; the high- vs. low-rise realms. Through developments such as Barangaroo, Central Park, Sydney Metro, and Parramatta Square, the city is largely reinventing itself. This is symptomatic of what is happening in several global cities around the world such as New York or London, which are seen as “safe harbors” for significant real estate investment, coming from a multitude of external, as well as internal, sources – most notably Asia. With its breathtaking combination of harbor, skyline, and opera house as a backdrop, and the famous Antipodean welcoming charm of its people, there is no better place for this debate at this specific time than Sydney.

Of course, no CTBUH conference in Australia would be complete without considering Melbourne or Brisbane, the country’s other premier urban laboratories. Thus, the fourth and fifth day of the conference will comprise regional programming in those cities. There, three half-day segments will focus on unique themes, encompassing expansive tours, site visits, and technical demonstrations.

Join us south of the equator this year for the CTBUH 2017 Conference, for a truly global gathering to debate what the future holds for tall buildings and urban density.

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