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Питер Кук. Ретроспектива

выставка Архитектура
  дата: 30.10.2016 - 12.02.2017
  страна: Германия
  город: Берлин
  место: Tchoban Foundation. Museum for Architectural Drawing
Christinenstraße 18a, 10119 Berlin
  организатор: Фонд Сергея Чобана. Музей архитектурного рисунка
  архитекторы: Питер Кук
  Peter Cook. Retrospective
  На выставке будут представлены рисунки британского архитектора Питера Кука, одного из основателей и вдохновителей группы Archigram. Экспозиция позволит сложить впечатление о его творчестве, начиная с 1968 года и по сегодняшний день. Часть рисунков основана на реальных проектах, остальные – экспериментальные, утопичные, являются отражением оригинальных взглядов Питера Кука на архитектуру.
REAL CITY: Perspective of Everscreened Type. 
1986 © Peter Cook
REAL CITY: Perspective of Everscreened Type. 1986 © Peter Cook
diclosures: the secret garden revisited?
1975 © Peter Cook
diclosures: the secret garden revisited? 1975 © Peter Cook
Vegetated Lump. 1972/1973 © Peter Cook
Vegetated Lump. 1972/1973 © Peter Cook
The new temporary exhibition, Peter Cook. Retrospective is dedicated to the drawings of the famous British architect who is celebrating his 80 th birthday this year. Back in 1982, the Aedes Architecture Forum, then located in the Savigny Platz arches, showed a fantastic exhibition of his work; now, almost 40 years on, Peter Cook returns to Berlin. Peter Cook. Retrospective enables a view into the artist’s work from Archigram to CRAB, from 1968 to today, from Plug-In City to
Hidden City .

Peter Cook is regarded as one of the leading instigators of Archigram. This group whose name originated from the architectural pamphlet, Archigram - a wordplay on architecture and telegram - was founded in the 1960s by young British architecture graduates who strove to break away from traditional architectural office routine and continue the discourse stimulated during their studies. The given notions of form and space were to be overridden and burst apart, driven by the curiosity to explore what a future world may look like and question whether architectural language is at all set by boundaries. Archigram searched for new solutions and concept models, focussing on the development of society. Underwater cities, living cells, plug-ins and hybrid villas were created: the ideas and experiments from this period, particularly the central motif of metamorphosis, recur throughout Peter Cook’s lifework.

In the series Way Out West: Berlin made in the 1980s, Peter Cook posed the question, “Why is the language of architecture so limited?”. A cactus is set with three symbols of Western architecture: the grid, a skyscraper and a square, where the spread of vegetation, again the process of metamorphosis, transforms the skyscraper to the point that it is no longer recognisable.

Some of his drawings are based on actual projects, such the urban planning development for Frankfurt-Oberrad in 1986, Real City: Frankfurt (which remained unrealised); many are rather experiments and utopias, such as Arcadia , Vegetated Lump and Hidden City, where the architecture was inspired by the surrounding vegetation, its beginning and end blurred, merging organically into nature.

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