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Садовая выставка во Фрайзинге

отраслевая выставка Ландшафт
  дата: 06.05.2016 - 08.05.2016
  страна: Германия
  город: Фрайзинг
  место: Landratsamt Freising
Landshuter Straße 31, 85356 Freising, Germany
  ссылки: Официальный сайт выставки
  20th International Freising Garden Fair
  Международная садовая выставка-ярмарка во Фрайзинге в этом году отмечает свое 20-летие. Выставка будет посвящена опыту и традициям садоводства в России. В связи с этим предусмотрена лекционная программа с участием российских гостей: писателя Владимира Каминера, директора студии «Архитектура живой формы» Елены Дубновой, историка культуры Анны Ананьевой. На выставке будут представлены последние достижения в области садоводства, редкие виды растений из Австрии, России, Чехии, Словении и Германии.
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The International Freising Garden Fair, the first one in South Germany, will celebrate its 20 th anniversary with a very special programme.

The fair will be dedicated to Russia and its great horticultural tradition and expertise and will welcome the gardening world within the inspiring atmosphere unique to the courtyards of the former Cloister Freising-Neustift (25 miles north of Munich in Bavaria).

As we welcome Russia, it is a pleasure for me to be able to offer a very special lecture programme and to welcome well-known garden experts, who will share their unique knowledge and experience with our guests.

From Berlin we will welcome the bestselling author Wladimir Kaminer. As he describes himself, in his private life he is a Russian and in his business life he is a German author! He loves gardens and has written several books about his experience in the family’s allotment. Besides this he organises the famous and boisterous “Russendisko” (a traveling discotheque), presents on Arte a television series on Parks and Gardens in East Europe and Russia and on ZDF a programme called Kulturlandschaften (cultural landscapes). On Friday, the 6 th of May 2016 at 4.00 pm (16.00 h) Wladimir Kaminer will read from his books and let us into his thoughts on the Russian way of gardening.

Dr. Elena Doubnova from Moscow is art director and partner of LLC Studio Architecture Nature Form. It was when she was pregnant with her youngest son, and could not work as a Chemist anymore, that she started redesigning her own family garden. That was such a success, that friends and family asked her to design their gardens as well. Elena studied landscape design and construction and, because there were no qualified firms to implement her designs, she founded her own company in 2003. With her son Oleg as managing director, the firm now employs 60 specialists. They not only design but build gardens, parks and landscapes all over the Russian Federation to the highest standards and also implement the designs of foreign landscape architects. Amongst their projects are very significant ones, like the Krymskaya Embankment, the restoration of Gorky Park and the Modern Art Museum Garage at Moscow. Her award-winning designs are widely published. On Saturday, the 7th of May 2016 at 2.00 pm (14.00 h) Elena will introduce her work and set it into the context of Russian garden tradition.

And this is where Udo Dagenbach enters the scene. He runs the internationally renowned, award-winning landscape architects business Glaßer und Dagenbach at Berlin which has specialised in designing gardens, landscapes and parks in the Russian Federation and sometimes Elena implements these projects with her firm. They also cooperate on several design projects such as the new gardens for the historical Orangery in Gorky Park in Moscow, a national heritage site. On Saturday, the 7 th of May 2016 at 3.00 pm (15.00 h) Udo Dagenbach will present his garden designs of the last 10 years which one can find throughout Russia and the former USSR – from the Caucasus to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Recently he won the Green Roof Leadership Award 2015 for the United World College at Dilijan in Armenia. All his projects show the appreciation of well-designed greenspaces in Russia.

On Sunday, the 8 th of May 2016 at 2.00 pm (14.00 h) we welcome the renowned cultural historian Dr. Anna Ananieva from London University (where she will move from the University of Tübingen at the end of the year). In her scientific career she specialised in Russian garden history, she is a lecturer of international repute, has published many books, organised exhibitions and was also the consultant for the Arte TV series on gardens and parks in Russia and Eastern Europe. In her lecture Country Estates and Summer Residences of the Tzarist Era Ana Ananieva will immerse us in the world of the fascinating historic Gardens and Parks in Russia – the spectacular mansions of the nobility, the grand highlights of Moscow Kolomenskoe and Zarizyno as well as the tzarist’s ensembles at Peterhof Palace, Tsarskoe Selo and Pavlovsk at St. Peterburg.

At the end of each talk the lecturers will be happy to sign their books which will be on sale.

The International Freising Garden Fair has become an institution in the gardening world – a place to meet experts, friends and colleagues. By now, more than 190,000 people have visited the fair, enthralled by the atmosphere and the opportunity to buy plants. 20 years ago we set a trend: now there are new Garden Fairs every year. The emphasis of the Garden Fair is on Special Plants for the Garden, which makes Freising unique in comparison to other fairs. From a wide range of interested applicants, we have carefully chosen over 120 exhibitors. More than 60 of the best nurseries from Austria, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany will show a wide range of rare and special plants.

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