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One Architecture Week 2015

фестиваль Архитектура
  дата: 18.09.2015 - 27.09.2015
  страна: Болгария
  город: Пловдив
  организатор: EDNO
America for Bulgaria Foundation
Plovdiv Municipality
  ссылки: Официальный сайт фестиваля
  Ежегодный архитектурный фестиваль.
  One Architecture Week – архитектурный фестиваль, который с 2013 года проходит в болгарском городе Пловдив. Ежегодно мероприятие становится площадкой для обмена опытом архитекторов, дизайнеров и урбанистов. Насыщенная программа включает в себя выставки, презентации, дискуссии, и воркшопы. Главной темой для обсуждения станет роль реки Марица в городском пространстве Пловдива.
Иллюстрация: edno.bg
Иллюстрация: edno.bg
Иллюстрация: edno.bg
Иллюстрация: edno.bg
Иллюстрация: edno.bg
Иллюстрация: edno.bg
ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK is an annual international festival for architecture, which will have its next edition in September 18th-27th 2015 in Plovdiv. Launched in 2008 as a two-day conference under the name SOFIA ARCHITECTURE WEEK, the event expanded into a more than a week-long meeting and idea exchange platform for architecture, interior design, landscape and urban environment. Through stimulating a broad professional and public debate the festival aims at initiating sustainable social and architectural practices. The diverse and intense program features presentations, exhibitions, discussions, workshops, screenings and urban interventions as well as architectural workshops for the youngest.

Every year ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK focuses on a specific topic with a fresh curatorial team. Тhe 2015 topic is "Un-common river" and the festival is curated by Merve Bedir. The festival's program is part of Plovdiv's cultural calender and supports Plovdiv, European Capital of Culture for 2019.

The guests of the festival include names such as Node Office, Noura al Sayeh, NL Architects, Mansilla Tunon, feld72, Rudy Ricciotti, JDS Architects,  Atelier Kempe Thill, Anne Lacaton, Randic-Turato, OFIS arhitekti, Emre Arolat, Raumlabor, Jan Schellhoff от UNStudio, Bernardo Secchi and Paola Vigano, Nils Ole Brandtzaeg, ZOOM Studio, Atelier Oslo, Amin Taha Architects, Salto Architects, Georgi Stanishev, GMP, Fantastic Norway Architects, studioBASAR, Fang Zhenning, I/O Architects, OBIA, Mass Studies, Chyutin Architects, Orso Fattinger Architects, Ivan Kucina and Studio 8 ½.


This is an experiment of commoning the Maritsa River. Commoning as questioning the nature of the river as a border. A border between nature and culture, north and south, “European” and “non-European”, private and public… Commoning as the action of connecting, sharing, making, opening, relating and producing together. Commoning as exploring new co-existences and not as creating a substitute to the existing.
Ideas, seeds, water, air, cultures and spaces, which we collectively produce each and every day, all of those are common(s). They are the results of collective efforts, research, thought and creation through time and regions. During ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK 2015, we will be exploring the networks in Plovdiv and creating new ones locally and across countries, through spaces of collective action along and across the river, on and under the water. We will be reading, listening, living, debating, sun-bathing, imagining, rowing, learning, doing, producing and re-producing.
ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK 2015 has as its main goal claiming the Maritsa River through commoning it. The festival will attempt bringing the river, as a forgotten element of Plovdiv, back to the city. It will attempt bringing the publics of Plovdiv, river Maritsa, and those who share the common(s) together along the river.
Merve Bedir

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