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IAH 2015 – архитектурные каникулы в Италии

семинар Архитектура
  дата: 01.08.2015 - 09.08.2015
  страна: Италия
  организатор: archiSTART
  контакты: info@archistart.it
  ссылки: Подробная информация>>>
  IAH – International Architecture Holiday
  Международный архитектурный воркшоп ежегодно проводится для обмена опытом между студентами и молодыми специалистами из разных стран. Сто человек со всего мира проведут девять насыщенных дней в Саленто, где помимо обучающей программы их ждет также развлекательная и экскурсионная.
Иллюстрация: archistart.it
Иллюстрация: archistart.it
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IAH – архитектурные каникулы в Италии
archiSTART promotes IAH_Summer15, an international architecture workshop, incorporated within a holiday, created in order to generate interactive experiences between students and young graduates under the age of 32 years.
100 young people from all over the world will have the chance to live 9 days full of architecture and entertainment in the wonderful coasts of Salento.
The innovative aspect of this initiative is the break with the classical linear learning processes, relying on some contemporaneous factors:
  • integration and cultural exchanges among students from all over the world in one professional context, with the opportunity to improve foreign language and get in touch with different lifestyles;
  • discovering Salento thanks to guided tours and leisure time on the sea;
  • first real project experiences with tutors and experts to trigger and develop the interest in architecture;
  • experiencing the competition through an internal contest to keep participation and attention lively during the workshop;
  • possibility to compete for a internship in the ORPROJECT and DOSarchitects architecture and design practice based in London with the purpose of involving the participants considered the most deserving in the European job context;
  • leisure time, with entertainment activities and the organization of events, parties and various initiatives.

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