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2A City - конкурс архитектурного видео

конкурс международный открытый
  dead-line регистрации: 15.08.2022
  dead-line подачи проектов: 15.08.2022
  тема: Архитектура
  страна: Международная
  открыт для: всех
  регистрационный взнос: да
  сумма: €89
  организатор: 2A Magazine
  ссылки: Официальный сайт конкурса
  2A City - Architecture Movie Award
  На конкурс принимаются видеоролики на архитектурную тематику. Представить работы можно в четырех категориях: фильм об архитектуре, документальное кино, маркетинг, анимация и видеоигры. Работы будут оцениваться в двух категориях, в зависимости от продолжительности (до 7 минут / более 7 минут).

Источник: 2acama.com
связанные события:

2A City - конкурс архитектурного видео
Due to the ever-changing and dynamic nature of this information age, 2A Magazine like any other Avant-garde publication and media network has been driven to adjust itself to the Global changes and developments. “City – Architecture Movie Award” is initiated in order to further expand the scope of our activities, in a way that our audience and correspondents would have a more effective and attractive method of presentation to facilitate their better understanding of various dimensions of architecture. The addition of art of Movie Production to the art of architecture can help the better understanding of the true nature and characteristics of architecture, for instance, the realistic effect, aesthetic dimension, functional aspect of space, feeling the created sense of well-being, and making the presence of the human factor more evident. This award seeks to straddle the border between the art of movie-making and the built environment. There is a growing scholarship in this field. The fusion of architecture and cinema depicts how these two art forms intervene in a subtle way. The essence of producing spaces in these activities worlds becomes more influential. The award is a new architectural activity of 2A Magazine which acts internationally and works parallel with other activities of 2A Magazine and its awards.

The Vision and Positive Effects of Improving Inhabitat quality of life through Architecture and Urban Planning via 2A City – Architecture Movie Award

Observation and evaluation of the creative and thoughtful ideas alongside bringing two Arts of Architecture and Movie- Cinema together and presenting innovative architecture in 2A City- Architecture Movie Award. The urban design and architectural presentation by Movies have a unique sensibility in regards to the recognition of the projects, on the other hand, architectural movies also reflect many various artistic and aesthetic aspects of architecture. because it has some plausible advantages in its type of presentation.

2ACAMA has also the following effects:

– Offering you types of lifestyle and viewpoints toward a better life.
– Encouraging people and professionals to better understand and respond to environmental and humanistic needs while designing a living space in their cities.
– Recognition of the required spaces in accordance with the mentality of different people and creating the culture of constructing these spaces.
– Generating the mindset of interaction and unity among a society to achieve the good for living spaces.
– Making the comfort and prosperity of people in their living spaces and cities the priority, which would accommodate and respect all civil rights of its people which is costumery in all advance cities and communities.


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