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Drawing Matter - конкурс эссе

конкурс международный открытый
  dead-line регистрации: 01.06.2021
  dead-line подачи проектов: 01.06.2021
  тема: Архитектура
  страна: Международная
  открыт для: профессионалов и студентов
  регистрационный взнос: да
  сумма: от £1 до £5
  награда: четыре приза по £1000
  ссылки: Официальный сайт конкурса
  Drawing Matter Writing Prize
  Конкурс предлагает участникам рассказать о месте и значении рисунка в процессе проектирования, о том, какой смысл заключается в изображении уже существующих сооружений, и т.д. Написать можно о собственном рисунке или о чужом – для этого предусмотрено две отдельных категории. Длина текста – не более 1500 слов. Есть возможность принять участие на русском языке (подробности – здесь).
The Drawing Matter Trust is pleased to announce the return of the Drawing Matter Writing Prize. The competition invites participants to carefully look at drawings and to consider what they reveal about the process of design, and the buildings or objects they represent.

We take the word ‘drawing’ to be as much a verb as a noun, and a shorthand for describing any process of design with a purpose – a building or an object – for which it is being made. The drawing itself may be something other than paper and pencil, a plan or section; it may encompass a sequence or series (such as a sketchbook), or a broad range of techniques, such as collage, photography, models, paintings and, of course, digital media.

Last year’s competition attracted a large number of thoughtful texts by participants based all over the world. Read the prize-winning entries here.

The 2021 Competition

This year, the competition is divided into two categories: Autograph and Archive. Participants are invited to enter either or both categories and should submit one text of up to 1500 words per category.

Category 1: Autograph

Autograph offers the opportunity for writers to reflect on a drawing – or drawings – that they have made themselves. The focus of the text might be on the author’s use of particular techniques and materials (analogue, digital, or anything in-between), or a drawing type or representational mode that they have developed personally and has become a key part of their design process.

For examples of texts by architects and designers on their own drawing practices, explore On their Own Work.

Category 2: Archive

This category asks for texts on contemporary and historical drawings held in the Drawing Matter collection and other drawings collections and archives. In these essays participants should focus on the objects themselves and their meaning, balancing considerations of the process of making drawings, context, and the relationships between drawings and buildings – both built and unbuilt. 


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