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конкурс международный открытый
  dead-line регистрации: 20.03.2020
  dead-line подачи проектов: 20.03.2020
  тема: Архитектура
  страна: Италия
  открыт для: дизайнеров
  регистрационный взнос: нет
  награда: €5000
  организатор: Enofrigo
  ссылки: Официальный сайт конкурса
  Food Service Design
  Участникам предлагается разработать мебельную систему для демонстрации свежих продуктов или готовых блюд в заведениях общественного питания. Конструкция должна быть модульной, компактной, простой в перемещении. Необходимо также предусмотреть возможности для постоянного поддержания необходимой температуры.

Источник: desall.com
Enofrigo is looking for a new functional furnishing system, for the display and distribution of food products, dedicated to various contexts of the HORECA (Hotel-Restaurant-Café/Catering) sector, that may distinguish itself from the current Enofrigo catalogue, by bringing innovation both in terms of aesthetics and additional functionalities. For the correct realisation of your proposals, keep into consideration the following guidelines:

Product typology: you are invited to design a functional furnishing system for the food service, consisting of a main furniture item (subject of the contest), dedicated to the display/distribution of food products and of a possible series of accessory furniture items (nice to have/optional). The food products might be ready-to-eat or not, packed or fresh, portioned or to be portioned. They might be kept at ambient temperature (in case of neutral base) or maintained at a desired temperature (hot or cold, depending on the chosen option). The same system may host different preserving options (hot/cold/neutral). For more information on the product typology, please refer to the Food service section of the catalogue attached in the Material files.

Product characteristics: the furniture item you design shall provide for:
- a good visibility of the food products on display;
- a practical usability for the final users (self-service) or by the designated personnel (if the context requires the presence of staff for the food distribution);
- a modular approach, that is be designed in view of being associated with other elements of a wider furnishing system;
- an easy to move solution, that is be designed to be easily moved from one room to another or be transported to another location when need be;
- the integration of innovative elements/accessories, to support the basic functionalities of the product (for ex. a compartment to store clean dishes, a bottle holder accessory, etc.).

Elements of the main furniture item:

- Upperstructure: this element might be equipped in different ways depending on the context of use and on various requirements, for example with a heating or cooling module or with a neutral base to store food products at ambient temperature. It might be customised in terms of materials and style, but it shall always include:
• a canopy (fixed or movable) with integrated lighting system, that has the function of illuminating and storing the food; if need be, it might be lowered to the base level;
• a functional base: the canopy is fixed on this element, which also contains the various accessories to store the food products; the depth of this base ranges from 0 cm (a cooling/heating base on which you can place food) to 10 cm (a recess where food containers can be inserted). The size of the functional base will be about 70x140 cm.

- Central body: this element is the main body of the system. The upperstructure will be fixed on top of it, while the technical components needed for heating or cooling the food will be hosted inside. On two sides (ex. on the front and on the back) you are supposed to designate an area for vents/air intakes – which can also be a charactering element of the product – needed to ensure the correct cooling of the internal components.

- Wheels: the system you design shall include pivoting wheels at the base, to make sure it can be easily moved from one room to another. For aesthetic purposes, solutions that succeed in covering the wheels with a base or other element will be greatly welcomed, as long as they do not prevent the user from having easy access to them and from easily blocking/unblocking them.

- Other innovative accessory elements: you are free to include drawers, compartments and other accessory elements, that complete the design of your system with a view to making it more functional and to improving its aesthetics.

For an example of the elements that currently constitute this furniture item, please refer to the Material files attached.

Accessory elements (optional): in addition to the food service furniture item you design, you are free to suggest other furnishing items or elements that may complete the product range, for example a cash desk, a corner base to attach various systems or other elements, etc.

Configurations (optional): in order to better demonstrate the potential of your system, you are invited to represent the main furnishing item in more than one configuration or size option, as an island – free standing version, wall mounted version or in combination with more system units.

Style: your system shall have a versatile style, suitable for various contexts of use, modern, with a minimal design, very attentive to details and aesthetics. The style shall distinguish itself from the current aesthetics as represented in the Enofrigo catalogue.

Size: the furniture item you suggest shall comply with the standard size for this product typology. Keep as a reference the following dimensions: about 80 cm of depth, about 150 cm of height and 150 cm of length.

Materials: the furniture item you design shall employ different materials depending on the element. In particular, the canopy shall be realised in glass or plexiglass, the frame or other elements that may possibly come in contact with food should be in stainless steel, the top shall be in quartz, laminate or other materials. The central body may be covered with wood, laminate or other materials. You are free to suggest the use of other materials or surface finishes, as long as they are compatible with their target use. Keep into consideration that the furniture item shall be realised with industrial production technologies.

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