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конкурс международный открытый
  dead-line регистрации: 20.02.2019
  dead-line подачи проектов: 20.02.2019
  тема: Дизайн
  страна: Италия
  открыт для: всех
  регистрационный взнос: нет
  награда: €3000
  организатор: Th.Kohl
  ссылки: Официальный сайт конкурса
  Future Pharmacy Competition
  Конкурсантам предстоит разработать концепцию интерьера аптеки, где каждый покупатель сможет окунуться в атмосферу уюта и заботы. Предполагаемая площадь торгового зала – 170 м². Зонирование и функциональное наполнение пространства остается на усмотрение участников, однако в конкурсном задании есть рекомендации на этот счет. Предпочтение в отделке и мебели следует отдать натуральным материалам.

New interior design contest on Desall.com: Th.Kohl and Desall invite you to suggest innovative concepts for the pharmacy of the future, meant as a “retail space” dedicated to the person, his/her wellbeing and to the relationships.

Th.Kohl is looking for new furniture/architecture concepts for the realisation of the pharmacy of the future, meant as a “space dedicated to the customer experience” where relationships between people and attention to the person is at the core of the whole design.

Objective: the aim of the contest is the research of concepts for the pharmacy of the future meant as a “retail space”, where the customer/patient may find a cosy and human-centred place, for an unforgettable customer experience. The pharmacy of the future shall constitute an innovative element compared to the current pharmacies.

Design areas: the concept you propose shall be designed for an area of about 170 sqm (min 120 sqm, max 300 sqm), that you may dispose of as you prefer, inserting architectural elements, walls and other elements to create the various spaces described below.

Functions / spaces: in order to create a new cosy and human centred “retail space”, the pharmacy of the future shall include several areas dedicated to the customer, his/her wellness and wellbeing, with dedicated cabins (private rooms to offer services such as blood pressure measurement, beautician cabin, advisory cabin, etc.).

You may even include other spaces such as bar, bio/nutritional bar, play area for children, etc. to give maximum importance to the relationship between people and to enable the chemist and his/her team to establish a direct contact with the customers. In addition, in order to allow the chemist to dedicate the proper amount of time to the customer without interruptions, the pharmacy shall provide for sales support elements (touch screens, tablet totems or similar, useful for example to retrieve information about the products) and other advisory items for customer use, or other elements able to entertain and inform the customer, avoiding any waiting times.

Technologies: the pharmacy of the future will offer free Wi-Fi to all customers and may provide for the use of technologies and systems dedicated to making this new “retail space” human-centred and cosy, with possible plays of light, colours, scents or other automated systems that may contribute to turning the customer experience in an unforgettable moment. You are also invited to suggest technological solutions to support the furnishing elements – ledwall, touch screens and tablet totems, etc. will contribute to making the pharmacy “omnichannel” – and of the other dedicated spaces.

Furnishing items and other elements: the pharmacy of the future shall include some basic elements, needed for the normal operation of the pharmacy:
⦁ a counter: it shall not constitute the focus of the pharmacy, rather it shall be considered one of the various spaces available inside the venue. The counter will be used to sell medical prescription medicines and shall allow to the chemist an easy access to the backoffice where the medicines are stored and organised. In addition, include near the counter and in some other strategic areas of the pharmacy some automated points of delivery for medicines, for exclusive use by the personnel (please see https://youtu.be/TNnmx8Zih8U - http://pharmathek.com );
⦁ access to the backoffice: you are invited to specify where the backoffice should be placed (even if the backoffice is not object of the contest). Keep into consideration that it shall allow easy use by the chemist and his/her team, near the counter;
⦁ infopoints / totems / desks: you may include some informative and entertaining elements where the customers may learn more about some aspects related to wellbeing and wellness, including ledwall, touch screens and tablet totems or other elements;
⦁ the new retail space shall include also some corners dedicated to selling nutritional supplements and other medicines that do not require medical prescription. The chemist and his/her team will move around these dedicated spaces to facilitate the relationship and the direct contact with the customer, while avoiding any unnecessary waiting times.

Do not suggest catalogue furnishing items, rather propose customised and tailored solutions.

Style and materials: the researched pharmacy of the future shall have a minimal, modern style that will also be reflected in the choice of materials, with a preference for hi-tech materials (steel / crystal) or natural materials (wood, etc.) in line with the wellness and wellbeing values.

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