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Лобби для арт-галереи

конкурс международный открытый
  dead-line регистрации: 18.11.2018
  dead-line подачи проектов: 18.11.2018
  тема: Архитектура
  страна: Польша
  город: Вроцлав
  открыт для: архитекторов, дизайнеров
  регистрационный взнос: нет
  награда: 8000 польских злотых
  организатор: Krupa Gallery
  ссылки: Материалы конкурса>>>
  Competition for a Gallery Lobby Arrangement Conception
  Задание для участников – разработать проект оформления лобби арт-галереи Крупа во Вроцлаве. Необходимо создать динамичное интерактивное пространство. Ожидается, что вестибюль будет не только служить «вратами» в галерею, но станет одним из ее экспонатов. Вместе с дизайн-концепцией нужно предоставить бюджет ее реализации, включая список необходимых материалов.

We would like to invite all interested parties to enter a competition for an artistic arrangement of a lobby interior of a contemporary art gallery in Wrocław, Poland – Krupa Gallery.

Objective - To select an artistic conception for the design of a contemporary art gallery lobby in Wrocław.

Task - To prepare an artistic conception for a gallery lobby arrangement in accordance with the requirements specified below.


Krupa Gallery in Wrocław is a venue for actively experiencing a new vision of Polish contemporary art. Located in the middle of Europe, in a place that combines the best and experimental traditions of the East and West, the gallery is the result of a dream about a space of art that would connect people, enchant them and contribute to their development. The most desirable effect in thinking about the lobby is reflected in a quotation from Władysław Strzemiński's Theory of Vision: "Thanks to rhythmization, the biological rhythms that enter the image of the world, we feel the presence of life; the pulsating, breathing and active man who looks at the world." Strzemiński and Katarzyna Kobro's avant-garde ideas provide inspiration for the entire project. This is why we are looking for an artist-visionary who by using various means and techniques of expression will help us to create a unique and surprising place for art. The lobby is supposed to engage the visitor in a game with transformation, experience and reflection. By providing a linkage between the three levels of the gallery in the tenement no. 27/28 at Wrocław's Market Square, we hope that the lobby will become a dynamic showpiece on the local map of art.

The conception for the lobby should consist of:
• a general description of the arrangement conception (max. 5,000 characters without spaces), including the materials
• an estimated budget of the arrangement conception, including a list of materials indispensable for the project
• signed and scanned Competition Participant's Declaration (Appendix 1)
• 3D visualisation or drawings of the proposed conception (at the artist's discretion)
• the artist's bio and portfolio.

The conception will be evaluated by a Jury on the basis of the following criteria:
• cohesion and logic of the proposed concept
• using multimedia and mechanical (kinetic) forms in the proposal
• visual attractiveness and artistic, aesthetic and spatial impression
• originality and innovativeness of the proposed solutions
• adapting the conception to the existing spatial arrangement

An award for the best Competition Entry in the amount of PLN 8,000 (appx. 1800 EUR) will be provided by the Organiser.

Terms and conditions and reference materials (plan and photographs of the space, logo of Krupa Gallery) are available here.

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