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Дом на дереве

конкурс международный открытый
  dead-line регистрации: 13.08.2018
  dead-line подачи проектов: 10.09.2018
  дата объявления результатов: 16.09.2018
  тема: Архитектура
  страна: Тайвань
  город: Тайчжун
  открыт для: студентов
  регистрационный взнос: нет
  награда: I место - 60 000 новых тайваньских долларов (NT$); II место - NT$30 000; III место - NT$20 000; специальные призы по NT$5000 и NT$2000
  организатор: Taichung city government housing development department
Tai square arts and aesthetics association
Taiwan Tai Architect & Associates
  ссылки: Официальный сайт конкурса
  Yuxian Tree House International Student Design Competition
  Цель конкурса – не просто выбрать лучший проект дома на дереве для одного из районов тайваньского города Тайчжун, но также продемонстрировать возможности бережного взаимодействия с природой, создать интересный объект и новое место для общения местных жителей. В доме на дереве разместится арт-мастерская, которую смогут арендовать художники для создания и выставки своих работ. Проекты должны быть экологичными. Дом необходимо поднять от земли на высоту не менее 2,5 метров.
Источник: taisquare-art.org.tw
Источник: taisquare-art.org.tw
In western architectural history, dwelling is the most important building type as the purpose of architecture returns from divinity to human needs. At the same time, dwelling is the spatial typology that one occupies for the longest time on a daily basis. However, due to the changes in our living environment, dwelling - our home, that comprises of our emotions – is gradually turning into a merchandize with a price tag. We would like to reexamine the essence of home as well as the relationship between tectonic and environment through the concept of building a new home for our society, and thereby recovering and reflection on the most fundamental human needs for dwellings and the natural world.

Tree – Grows from the ground, a characterization of life and convergence in the nature.

House – Constructed by Material, a place to live and fulfill our dreams and ideas.

But in our environment, there are few chances for us to truly experience a space constructed with natural elements. Inspired from the concept of Yuxian section social residence – First a community, then a park, last a city.

Combining space and structure with trees is not only an achievement of construction, but also a way to link nature and architecture together with design.

Starting from this concept, we are expecting young talents to evaluate and think over issues such as how can we bring diversity of the activities held in the tree house and the neighborhood together? How can difference be provided with variety? What is the possibility of the relationship between material and space in this case? We are seeking for an activity space linked with the region and let the residents, neighborhood and citizens in Taichung City have a wonderful spatial experience.


1. Primary Building - Ateliers for young artists, where they can create, have a rest and show their works.

2. Spatial Form - The proposal should make a new interpretation of the combination of living style and the growth form of trees. Please considerate the communication between the young artists and residents.

3. Low-carbon - Considerations must be given to low-carbon approach within the life cycle of the tree house.

4. Bottom Overhead - The tree house should be lifted at least 2.5 m above the ground.

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