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Обновление Пражского конгресс-центра

конкурс международный открытый
  dead-line регистрации: 17.03.2017
  dead-line подачи проектов: 17.03.2017
  тема: Архитектура
  страна: Чехия
  город: Прага
  открыт для: профессиональных архитекторов
  регистрационный взнос: нет
  награда: I место - 1 000 000 чешских крон; II место - 700 000 чешских крон; III место - 500 000 чешских крон
  организатор: MOBA
  ссылки: Официальный сайт конкурса
  New KCP - Prague Congress Centre
  Цель конкурса – выбрать лучший проект по созданию новых выставочных площадей для Пражского конгресс-центра. Это должны быть современные многофункциональные пространства, подходящие для проведения конференций, съездов и других мероприятий различного формата и масштаба. Архитектурный облик пристройки должен гармонировать с основным зданием, построенным в 1970-х годах, а также удачно вписываться в городской контекст.
Источник: novekcp.cz
Источник: novekcp.cz
The aim of the competition is to propose new exhibition spaces for the Prague Congress Centre (KCP), that would be used for different purposes, such as conventions, concerts and other social events.

An important condition will be the modernisation – extension – of the convention facilities that will fully meet the high demands of the organising events. The proposal should aim to create a contemporary added value to a building belonging to the architectural heritage of the 1970´s. A key aspect therefore will be the connection between the proposed extension and the existing KCP building.

The second, though not less important, condition for the proposal is its urban aspect, thanks to which the Congress Centre will be finally implemented into the city fabric. This will be a further step towards the transformation of the Prague Magistrála road, from a heavy traffic artery that is a real separating element in the city of Prague, to a 21st century city boulevard. It is critical therefore that the design proposes a high quality connection between the Congress Centre complex and the Nusle neighbourhood, and that it will respond to the potential of the everyday local dynamics.

The competition is international and open to all professionals that are authorised to work as architects or as engineers in the country where they have residency or their office siege.

We have great expectations for the Prague Congress Centre extension. The competition proposals should come up with the best solution for the future exhibition halls and their implementation into the surrounding, to lay a basis for a future urban structure and a good quality public space in the next years. On the long term, the proposal should come up with a built environment for the Pankrác Square and its surrounding areas, as to become a fully-fledged part of the city. The final proposition should include the transformation of the Prague Magistrála road – a 21st century city boulevard, with lively streets and a maximum of 2 lanes for each way, with trees in its axes and on its sides and with continuous sidewalks on both sides. We expect that in the long run, almost all traffic crossings will take place on the same level, as to create city-forming intersections allowing easy movement for pedestrians, cyclists and cars.

Today, the Prague Congress Centre is a destination for high-quality convention tourism. Although, the Prague Congress Centre is still slightly overshadowed by its past – such as its power prestige from the time of the Palace of Culture and for hosting international summits such as the IMF or the NATO. It is then, with the help of the construction of the new exhibition hall extension and its technological modernisation, that the Prague Congress Centre will reach a European level for offering the highest-quality facilities for convention and conference organisation. The venue offers in addition great benefits to its guests such as its proximity to the Prague historical centre, its good transport connection, the quality of its original interior with valuable artworks and finally, the view on the Prague skyline. The competition should bring to the Congress Centre new high-quality and comprehensive spaces. This should not only be done in the exhibition premises, but also in the clear and readable relation between the building and its surroundings, especially in the improvement of the public spaces in its adjacent areas. These public spaces should serve the convention visitors but mostly, the local residents as well as the broader public in general. The competition participants should therefore define the form of such a space.

The competition should connect the different interests of the KCP and the Prague 4 city district in order to create a mutual benefit for both. At first glance, one of the opposing matters may seem to be the KCP´s wish to expand its centre, while the Prague 4 city district one would be to create a public square. We therefore urge the contestants, in the first and further stages on the proposal, to come up with a solution that would not only satisfy the main actors on the site (the KCp along with the Prague 4 city district) but also the citizens of Prague 4.

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