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Павильон для фестиваля Bons Sons

конкурс международный открытый
  dead-line регистрации: 15.05.2016
  dead-line подачи проектов: 15.05.2016
  дата объявления результатов: 31.05.2016
  тема: Архитектура
  страна: Португалия
  открыт для: всех
  регистрационный взнос: да
  сумма: €50
  награда: I место - €1000 и посещение фестиваля Bons Sons'16; II и III место - посещение фестиваля Bons Sons'16
  жюри: Luis Ferreira, Albio Nascimento, Warehouse Collective, Henrique Ralheta, Luis Maria Baptista
  организатор: SCOCS
Ideas Forward
  контакты: competitions@if-ideasforward.com
  ссылки: Официальный сайт конкурса>>>
  Eira Lounge Pavilion - International call for ideas
  Участникам необходимо разработать концепцию лаундж-павильона для одной из восьми сцен (Eira) музыкального фестиваля Bons Sons, который в этом году отмечает свое десятилетие. Объект должен органично вписаться в традиционное пространство фестиваля и предложить новые возможности для отдыха и общения зрителей. Затраты на реализацию проекта не должны превышать €5000. Важно, чтобы конструкция легко монтировалась/демонтировалась и могла повторно использоваться в будущем.
Иллюстрация: if-ideasforward.com
Иллюстрация: if-ideasforward.com
Иллюстрация: if-ideasforward.com
Иллюстрация: if-ideasforward.com
Иллюстрация: if-ideasforward.com
Иллюстрация: if-ideasforward.com
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Лаундж-зона для фестиваля Bons Sons
Synopsis: In 2016, the BONS SONS celebrates its 10th anniversary. They are 10 years history of Portuguese music, which include the 192 bands that have gone through your poster. The BONS SONS, over the last 6 editions, has been to position itself as a national reference at various levels: cultural, local development, community life and the environmental, economic, social and territorial sustainability. This has been an ongoing process of construction where the BONS SONS stands as a true agent of change.

The sound projects presented on the Stage Eira make use of an energy and vitality of youth characteristics, associating also symbolically fertility and germination of the old threshing floors, reflected in the musical creativity that feature.

10 years of Portuguese music, that we celebrate with this edition of BONS SONS, living both freshness and innovation brought by bands like the community life, that promotes, extols and perpetuates.

Objective:  Construction of an ephemeral installation – "Eira Lounge Pavilion"

Program. The theme of the composition should serve as inspiration for the creation of a single piece, which takes visitors to dream and feel the music. This should be a reflection of the spirit that lives in the village during the days of the festival. It should therefore be a tribute to the music and in particular the Portuguese music. The space created should promote interaction and socialization among all who use it and reinterpret the role of eiras today.

The land where is the Eira is known to be torrid, on August afternoons, so the space can benefit from shade or devices that allow a more comfortable occupation, inviting stay.With this contest, it is intended that the participants draw inspiration from the public space that will be intervened, in order to give new life to Eira.

These lands are characteristic of the countryside and have had great importance in the development of small communities and stand today to the abandonment and condemned to oblivion. The focus is therefore an innovative approach that excites and can motivate new generations to their valuation.

The Eira Lounge Pavilion project should also encourage and highlight the need for principles of ecological and sustainable design whenever possible.The space where the project will be installed, is a prime area to watch the concerts that will take place on this stage. For this reason, the Eira Lounge Pavilion should not be an obstacle to the movement in the Eira Stage area, but should promote a fluid space, permeable and with a strong relationship with the surrounding - bars, stage, access and other surrounding support structures.

The Eira Lounge Pavilion should respect the costs established for the work.

  • Total area of deployment -approximately 50 m2
  • Installation height - Minimum: 3m; maximum: 6m

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