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Приют для бездомных

конкурс международный открытый
  dead-line регистрации: 06.12.2015
  dead-line подачи проектов: 06.12.2015
  дата объявления результатов: 28.12.2015
  тема: Архитектура
  страна: Испания
  открыт для: профессионалов и студентов; индивидуальных участников и групп до 8 человек
  регистрационный взнос: да
  сумма: до 31 октября - €35; с 1 по 22 ноября - €60; с 23 ноября по 6 декабря - €90
  награда: I место - €1500 + реализация проекта; три приза по €500
  организатор: reTH!NKING
  ссылки: Официальный сайт конкурса
  Homeless Cover Project
  Участникам конкурса необходимо представить идеи, которые могли бы решить проблему ночлега для бездомных людей. Задание конкурса – спроектировать приют, в котором смогут разместиться не более двух человек, малогабаритный, легкий в сборке и транспортировке. Место для установки приюта участники могут выбрать самостоятельно и обосновать свой выбор. Лучший проект будет реализован.
Иллюстрация: rethinkingcompetitions.com
Иллюстрация: rethinkingcompetitions.com
Иллюстрация: rethinkingcompetitions.com
Иллюстрация: rethinkingcompetitions.com
This competitition gives a new perspective and offers a new view beyond ourselves to show us that there are people who don’t have the basics or even vital such as a shelter, an accomodation which protects us from a rainy day, which can give shade when the sun burns and more confortable than a cardboard on the freezing floor. And that, dear contestants, is a real issue.

Give an answer to this is definitely a great challenge.

This is why that we believe that this competition will help each team to grow up as a person, it pretends that everyone stops looking at themselves to see what is really necessary to live and to be happy. Each team will study the essencial needs that a person has, . the different circumstances that occurs in a year in the outside and, definitely, thinking as a “Homeless”.

It doesn’t matter if your black or white, if you are straight or gay, if you are muslim or christian or where you come from, each human being hasthe right to live under a ceiling at night, so the design must take into account all those needs, making life comfortable.

Since this competition is very special for reTH!NKing competitions, we would like to contribute somehow to try to change this situation, or at least someone’s life that currently face this: where am I going to sleep today? This is why that we want to make this real and build one of these prototypes and give it to a homeless, totally free of course, pretending that this act means a little change in his life and, who knows, if the right impulse to improve it.

It is true that is a tiny action, but the intention is to raise awareness to young people that this competition is not only for ideas, but we alwo want it to become true, will reach the streets where we will prove that viability of the project, the expentations fulfilled or failed; definitely, it will be an interesting project where we will all learn from.

Do you want to face this problem and contribute with your pojects to change this situation and improve actively life of homeless?

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