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Laka Competition 2015: Архитектура, которая реагирует

конкурс международный открытый
  dead-line регистрации: 20.10.2015
  dead-line подачи проектов: 31.10.2015
  дата объявления результатов: 01.12.2015
  тема: Архитектура
  страна: Польша
  открыт для: всех, индивидуальных участников и команд
  регистрационный взнос: да
  сумма: до 1 июля - $50; со 2 июля по 1 октября - $75; со 2 по 20 октября - $100
  награда: I место - $2500; II место - $1500; III место - $1000
  жюри: Maria Aiolova (Architect, LEED AP, Assoc. AIA)
Chris Bosse (Architect, Educator)
Giacomo Costa (Artist, Photographer)
Marc Fornes (Architect DPLG, Educator)
Guy Hoffman (Ph.D, Roboticist)
Peter Kuczia (Ph.D., IARP and BAK Architect)
Dave Pigram (Designer, Researcher, Educator)
  организатор: Laka Architecture
  ссылки: Официальный сайт конкурса
  Laka Competition 2015: Architecture that Reacts
  Участникам конкурса необходимо представить свои идеи по созданию архитектуры, способной реагировать на изменения и подстраиваться под потребности человека. Сегодняшнее общество нуждается в «живой» архитектуре, которая может развиваться, приспосабливаться к различным условиям. Решение поставленной задачи не ограничивается применением тех или иных строительных технологий и требует междисциплинарного подхода.
связанные события:
15.10.2020 - 16.10.2020

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Laka Competitions invites designers from around the world to submit their ideas of ‘architecture that reacts’. That means architecture which is able to respond and adjust dynamically to the current needs and circumstances. These circumstances are often unpredictable, but their consequences can be crucial. The architecture that reacts - is the architecture that lives as a living organism, since it responds to the external stimuli and it develops because of it. - to react is to live.

Architecture that reacts, is the one which is accessible to everybody and follows needs of its users. Achieving such a goal requires an interdisciplinary approach that goes far beyond typical building solutions. In order for the architecture to be reactive modern technologies, bioengineering, science and social sciences need to be engaged.  “Reactive architecture” is a vision of architecture which evolves from innanimate and immovable into adaptive and responsive. The objective of this new architecture is to assure a complete freedom of its users, as well as an ability of functioning in the world which is disposed of time and space limitations. We want this ability to be accessible for everybody.

History is moulded by highly unlikely phenomena – an ability to react to them is both a fundamental feature of every living organism and a criterion of life in general. The subject of the competition is a conceptual project of architecture that is socially engaged and is capable of reacting to unpredictable conditions and environmental, natural and social risks. Proposed solutions should constitute an ideological interpretation of modern technological solutions which take into consideration social and economic determinants. Architectural study should focus on architecture as a key field heading towards social revitalisation and increased safety and freedom of its users. Proposed solutions should involve a thorough analysis of the problem, for example, starting from outlining global factors and indicating key directions for modern architectural solutions. Accuracy of this analysis and potential of proposed solutions are going to be the main components of projects’ assessment.


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