Блестящая эко-башня для Сибири от Нормана Фостера

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Эко-башня для Ханты-Мансийска, Сибирь Эко-башня для Ханты-Мансийска, Сибирь


Foster + Partners представили проект экологической башни для Ханты-Мансийска

Siberia's sparkling eco tower

Foster + Partners reveals designs for ecological tower in Siberia

Rising above the skyline of Khanty Mansiysk in Siberia, this mixed use tower will be a new landmark, providing crucial amenities for the city, sheltered from the harsh local climate. The concept is driven by a progressive environmental strategy that is expected to establish new benchmarks for the region. Set high on a hill in a densely wooded area, the tower rises above two podium buildings each facetted like a cut diamond, reflecting and refracting natural light to illuminate the interior. At the summit, a viewing platform and restaurant offer panoramic views over the city. The development will take advantage of a number of sustainable energy strategies and key to the energy performance of the building are its atria, designed to facilitate solar gain and to encourage daylight to permeate the complex. A sensitive insertion into the landscape, the design ensures that much of the site remains in its natural condition.
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