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Union of Architects of Ukraine address Union of Architects of Russia

Julia Tarabarina

We have received a letter to Nikolay Shumakov, the President of the Union of Architects of Russia, signed by Alexander Chizhevsky, the President of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine.

The letter as of 28.02.2022 provides an account of the latest events and urges to condemn the [special operation] “strongly and unequivocally”. “We perceive the silent and passive position of the Union of Architects of Russia as support of the [special operation]”, the letter reads. The full text in Russian and English is available below.

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February 26, the National Union of Architects of Ukraine also sent a letter to the President of the International Union of Architects (UIA) demanding cancelation of the Russian membership in UIA.

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In response, UIA condemned the war in a letter on 28.02.2022.


Solidarity with Ukraine
In the face of the mounting tragic events in Ukraine, the International Union of Architects (UIA) expresses its unwavering solidarity with all those affected and calls for unity and peace among nations. On behalf of the international community of architects, we condemn any act of violence or war affecting the well-being and dignity of humans, join the global appeal against war and call for the immediate restoration of peace.
The UIA was founded in 1948 – after the Second World War – to unite architects around the world and actively participate in the reconstruction of devastated cities and villages. We continue to believe that the greatest obligation of humanity is the preservation of peace. 
As the leading global organisation of architects committed to creating safe and healthy environments, we also call for the protection of the invaluable architectural heritage threatened by this conflict.
José Luis Cortés
UIA President 

You may also find also the letters of the BAUA, IARP, SARP and LAA below.

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