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Stop the [special operetion]!

Julia Tarabarina

The collective letter Russian architects was published here the 26.02.2022. Now, 04.03.2022, it's text is edited according the new law of the Russian Federation. All the signatures, more than 6800, are deleted, as well as weblinks. But we coserved the edited text for the history.

An open letter from architects and builders of Russia against [special operation] in Ukraine

We, architects and builders of Russia, strongly condemn the [special operation] of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine. Foreign policy issues should be resolved solely by peaceful means! War cannot be an instrument of politics in the 21st century.

[Special operation] devalues the very essence of the activity of an architect and urban planner, no matter what country he is in. It violates people’s rights: to life, security, self-realization, a comfortable and healthy environment – all those values that constitute the basis of our work.

The respect of neighbors cannot be won by force or destruction. But you can earn it by making your own country and your own home a better place.