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Современная армянская архитектура в мировых параллелях

One of urgent problems of architecture today is the systematization of the contemporary materials of architecture, including: cataloging of the components, decision of trends and styles, periodization and apply of philosophical background for the period. The other aspect is the study of local implementations of the countries and different regions in the world context and the analysis of their properties. According to world context the cataloging of building types are available in general sense, meanwhile the local materials are in research phase yet, as it is in the case of Armenia too. Actually the study, in an comparative way of qualitative research presents the above mentioned aspects of world contemporary architecture paralleling by the Armenian components, which in their turn supply the typological features, the trends included or missing in Armenia. All are in regard of historical revival of post Modern and De-constructivism, Vernacular roots and classical revival, sustainability and other aspects of environment relieve etc. The same should be said about the morphological and digital and computer technologies implemented, as well as periodization aspects noticed etc.