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Lukasz Mikolaj Sadowski. French style in architecture of Polish residences 1864-1914

From the second half of the 17th century, French architecture was the inspiration for residences throughout Europe. In Poland also, especially in the eighteenth century, the model of the Palace of Versailles, with the scheme "between courtyard and garden" becomes dominant. The imitation of French architecture was a question of fashion, snobbery and cosmopolitanism of the Polish elite until the second half of the nineteenth century. Except the aristocracy, also gentry and the bourgeoisie often built their residences "à la française". It was the same trend as anywhere else in the world: in Europe, in Germany (Bavaria), in the United Kingdom, in Austria, in Russia, even in the United States.

However, since 1870, in Poland, the French style also had an additional meaning. Polish elites sought their national style in architecture. At that time, Poland was under occupation. French style has become a substitute for the national style. This was particularly evident in the Prussian score, after the War of 1870. The style "Henry IV", "Louis XIII" or the style of the "great century" also became a political manifestation. A demonstration of support for France - the historical ally of Poland. In the territories occupied by Russia or Austria, it was rather a declaration of Europeanity and cosmopolitanism. The situation lasted until the beginning of the 20th century, when a new Polish national style was born.