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Exploring Russia’s Architecture. Лекции по русской архитектуре российских, американских и английских специалистов

лекция история архитектуры Наследие
  дата: 16.01.2008 - 27.05.2008
  страна: Великобритания
  город: Лондон
  организатор: Пушкинский Дом в Лондоне и Московское Общество Охраны Архитектурного Наследия
  контакты: +44 (0)20 7269 9770 or email to bookings@pushkinhouse.org.uk
  ссылки: maps-moscow.com
  Пушкинский Дом в Лондоне и Московское Общество Охраны Архитектурного Наследия представляют программу лекций по русской архитектуре российских, американских и английских специалистов


1. The Lost Vanguard Richard Pare on his experience of photographing
buildings of the Soviet avant garde over the last 15 years which culminated
in a book and exhibition in New York summer 2007. Pare’s is the first
photographic documentation of this rich legacy with rare access to key
buildings. 2008:
2. January 16th Moscow’s Churches Today: Rebirth or Death by Restoration?
MAPS trustee Edmund Harris tells the story of the fate of Moscow’s famous
churches and monasteries since the revolution when many of them were turned
to secular use, and explore the challenges church architecture faces today
as they are restored and re-opened.
3. 13th February 2008 Moscow’s Art Nouveau An introduction to Moscow’s rich
Art Nouveau legacy by architectural historian and author Kathy Murrell. The
buildings, from railway stations to hospitals and private houses, are rich
in applied art and the interiors some of the most exquisite in Moscow.
4. 12th March Images of Stalinist Moscow Preservationist, professor of
architectural history and granddaughter of celebrated Stalin-era architect
Alexei Dushkin, Natalia Dushkina reveals the story of the mega-projects of
the thirties to fifties including the Moscow Metro, when architects and
artists collaborated to create 'palaces for the masses.'
5. Literary Moscow. Author and translator Rosamund Bartlett takes us on a
tour of the apartments, houses and palaces of Russia’s great writers, and
the settings of books like War and Peace. This is a fragile legacy for many
of these houses are under threat.
6. 7th May Rediscovering Russia's Abandoned Churches
Historian Ekaterina Shorban tells us about her field trips in the depths of
the Russian countryside documenting thousands of exquisite masonry churches,
abandoned under Communism, and now being recorded in a pioneering project to
create a "General Inventory of Architectural Monuments of Russia", the first
of its kind.
7.27th May Narkomfin: the fate of a lost utopia. MAPS trustee Clementine
Cecil tells the story of a key building of the Soviet avant-garde. Designed
for the Soviet man, Narkomfin was a semi-communal experimental apartment
block that influenced Le Corbusier. Neglected for decades it is finally
being considered for a ground breaking restoration project.
All lectures begin at 7.30 and end at approximately 8.30 Tickets ?7 or ?5
for Friends of Pushkin House and students Reservations: +44 (0)20 7269 9770
or email to bookings@pushkinhouse.org.uk
Pay by cash, credit card or cheque in advance or on the night The Main
Entrance is located on Bloomsbury Way. Nearest tube stations are Holborn,
Tottenham Court Road and Russell Square. There is a secure public car park
in Bloomsbury Square.
Proceeds from ticket sales and a paying bar will go towards the publication
of a book by Clementine Cecil for FUEL Publishers on buildings of the Soviet
avant-garde. Please make donations payable to Pushkin House.
This series aims to give a general history of Russia’s architecture,
focussing on Moscow. Moscow is home to imposing, innovative, beautiful, and
fascinatingly bizarre buildings in a variety of styles. Due to a massive
building boom, this dense and delicate fabric that defines the character of
the city is under full-scale attack. This is why Pushkin House and MAPS have
chosen to hold this series of talks – in the hope that increased awareness
will lead to Moscow’s architectural legacy being treated with more care.

The Moscow Architecture Preservation Society (MAPS) was set up in May 2004
by a group of international journalists and architects. We work in close
cooperation with preservationists, architects and historians within Russia
and abroad to raise awareness about the present destruction of the city's
historical buildings. Through these contacts, we are working to give Russian
preservationists and Muscovites a greater international voice. We believe
that every effort should be made to preserve certain buildings. We invite
experts to advise on more sustainable approaches to the historic built
environment. Through such work MAPS hopes to convince the Moscow Government,
developers and architects that the unchecked demolition of old Moscow is not
in the city's long-term interest.


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