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Lara Kopylova. Polyphony of a Strict Style

The ID Moskovskiy housing project on St. Petersburgs Moscow Avenue was designed by the team of Stepan Liphart in the past 2020. The ensemble of two buildings, joined by a colonnade, is executed in a generalized neoclassical style with elements of Art Deco.

Lara Kopylova. The Union of Art and Technology

His interest for architecture of the 1930s is pretty much the guiding star for Stepan Liphart. In his project of the Amo house on St. Petersburgs Vasilyevsky Island, the architect based himself on Moscow Art Deco - aesthetically intricate and decorated in scratch-work technique. As a bonus, he developed the city block typology as an organic structure.

Lara Kopylova. A Journey to the Country of Art Deco

The Little France residential complex on the 20th line of the Vasilyevsky Island presents an interesting make-believe dialogue between its architect, Stepan Liphart, the architect of the New Hermitage, masters of the Silver Age, and Soviet Art Deco, about interesting professional topics, such as a house with a courtyard in the historical center of Saint Petersburg, and the balance between the wall and the stained glass in the architectonics of the facade. Here are the results of this make-believe conversation.

Lara Kopylova. Stepan Liphart: Standing your ground is the right thing to do

A descendant of German industrialists, Jophans son, and an architect, speaks about how studying architectural orders tempers ones character, and how a team of just a few people can design grand-scale housing projects to be built in the center of Saint Petersburg. Also: Santa Claus appearing in a Stalin high-rise, an arch portal to the outer space, mannerism painting, and the palaces of Paris all covered in an interview with Stepan Liphart.

Lara Kopylova. ​The Line of a Hardened Breakthrough

Designed by Stepan Liphart, the housing complex Renaissance continues the line of the historical center of Saint Petersburg, reinterpreting the Leningrad Art Deco and the neoclassical architecture of the 1930-50s in reference to the civilization challenges posed by our century.

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