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About Firm:

The primary driving force behind the creation of APEX Project Bureau was the architects’ desire to form a fundamentally new mechanism of running an architectural company, one that is based on the experts, each of whom is the best in their area of expertise – architects, designers, and engineers, all united under one roof – and modern technologies that make it possible to ensure maximum efficiency of the design process at all of the project stages.
Currently, the team consists of more than 300 members – in addition to the designers, the staff also includes software developers, lawyers, recruitment experts and BIM-coordinators.

Over the course of our work, we came to a conclusion that preserving the original idea – from original concept to implemented building – is only possible on the condition of all of the authors taking part at every stage of implementation. Because of that, we consistently try to broaden the range of our services and competences (from architectural proposals and concepts to designing hi-tech engineering systems), as well as the typology of our projects, their list including housing complexes, industrial facilities, educational institutions, shopping and entertainment centers.

From the moment its founding, all the operations of our company in every branch are carried out on the Revit platform – an integrated software environment that is essentially a complex of software products that implements the BIM principle (Building Information Modeling). By using Revit, we structure the information about all of the elements of the model for the subsequent management of the life cycle of the project as a single whole. In addition to the internationally recognized technologies and software products, we use software modules that were specially developed by our team members for the automation of the design processes.

These factors allow our clients – major developers from Moscow and other regions of Russia – come back to us again and again, while foreign architects can get from us the local expertise at the top quality level.

Considering the fact that the end users are always the future of the residents, employees and visitors to the projects that we design, we always make sure we pay as much as possible attention to the surrounding context, increasing the building’s functionality, and improving the ecological and esthetic performance of the surrounding urban environment.

Buildings and Projects:

Vander Park residential complex
Edzo Bindels, Anton Bondarenko, Adriaan Geuze, 2014

Vander Park residential complex

Russia, Moscow
Buildings and Projects Shown: 1

Archi.ru Texts:


Elena Petukhova. ​A Habitable Galaxy

APEX has headed the project of a large-scale residential complex in the north of Moscow, in which modern housing construction methods are combined with thought-out planning solutions, a recognizable image and an original landscaping concept.

Elena Petukhova. ​Pioneering the Environment

In their project of MITTE club house, the architects proposed a model for developing the territory adjacent to the main land site, proceeding from the method of working with the urban environment in the namesake district of Berlin and the characteristic features of Moscow architecture of the brink of the XXXXI centuries.

Oleg Guichar. ​Nostalgia for the Future

The project bureau APEX has designed for Mosfilm a studio floor and a House of Costume and Stage Property in the style of honest modernism of the information age, aestheticized by modern colors and building materials.

Julia Tarabarina. ​Meticulous Work

The two units of the house on the Dolgorukovskaya Street look like Russian treasure chests, while the brickwork of their walls echoes the belfry of the Saint Nicolas Church in Novaya Sloboda. The project, although small, became the result of thorough analysis of the architectural environment and was selected out of many other options.

Xenia Ossipova. ​APEX: GES-2 is not a museum but a progressive center that is meant to bring us back to the ideas of romantic futurism

The architects of the Moscow-based company speak about the progress of the GES-2 reconstruction project by Renzo Piano.
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Buildings and Projects: New Additions

  • Naberezhnaya Evropy, St. Petersburg
  • Pavilion for Chacha Ceremonies
  • Vander Park residential complex
  • Danilovskaya Manufactory
  • Atomsphera office complex (reconstruction)
  • “Replacement” Project
  • Residential complex
  • Gorkhovskiy′12
  • “Olympic Hall”Business Center